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Loschter Handkeesfescht | Lustadt

The "Loschter Handkeesfescht" (which means: festival with a cheese speciality

from Lustadt) a local popular folk festival, takes place every year on the "Handkeesplatz" in between "Maiblumenwald" Lustadt and the neighboring

community Zeiskam. With approximately 40,000 visitors a year, the "Loschter Handkeesfescht" is one of the most popular folk festivals in the region.

For three days visitors enjoy carefree hours at solid food and drank.

Only here you can enjoy the original "Handkees" specialties from Lustadt!

You can reach us at:

Südpfalz-Tourismus Lingenfeld e.V.
Hauptstraße 60
67360 Lingenfeld

phone(0049) 6344 509301


Mo16:00 Uhr
Di09:00 Uhr
Sa11:00 Uhr
So10:00 Uhr
Ein leckeres Handkeesbrot (Foto: Südpfalz-Tourismus LK GER e.V., Quelle: Südpfalz Tourismus Landkreis Germersheim e.V.)
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