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Burg Reichenstein | Trechtingshausen


large castle is a fine example of a reconstructed castle in the

neo-Gothic style. The original Schildmauer – a strong defence or

“shield” wall built across the only line of approach to a castle on a

mountain or spur - is particularly impressive.



Reichenstein Castle houses the largest collection of cast iron stove

plates in Rhineland-Palatinate and the displays include 1200 hunting

trophies from four continents, weapons, armour, porcelain and furniture

dating from the 16th to the 19th century.

You can reach us at:

Hotel Burg Reichenstein
Burgweg 24
55413 Trechtingshausen

Phone(0049) 6721 6117


Burg_Reichenstein (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Rhein-Nahe Touristik)
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