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Burg Stahleck | Bacharach

The enfeoffment of Count Hermann von Stahleck with the County Palatine of the Rhine - 1142/3 - marks the rise of the town of Bacharach and Stahleck Castle. In the following period, the Castle was developed into one of the strongest complexes on the Middle Rhine.

Today, it accommodates one of the most attractive youth hostels in Germany.

You can reach us at:

Jugendherberge Burg Stahleck
55422 Bacharach

Phone(0049) 6743 1266


Burg Stahleck (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Rhein-Nahe Touristik) Stahleck Ostseite (Foto: RNT, Quelle: Rhein-Nahe Touristik)
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