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Castle Martinsschloss | Lahnstein

Martinsburg, with its hexagonal keep, was built at the end of the 14th

century on the banks of the Rhine and was once a toll castle. This

picturesque ensemble was erected at the same time as the town

fortifications. The pointed-arch gateway in the east wall still displays

a small defence gallery with a coat of arms. Further elements of the

building and towers were added between the 14th and the 18th centuries.

You can reach us at:

Martinsschloss Lahnstein
Schlossstraße 1
56112 Lahnstein

Phone(0049) 2621 433


The castle is private property and cannot be visited. You can visit the gardens.


Tor_Martinsschloss (Foto: Henry Tornow/Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH, Quelle: Tourist-Info Lahnstein) Martinsschloss Lahnstein (Foto: Stadt Lahnstein , Quelle: Tourist-Info Lahnstein) Martinsschloss (Foto: Friedrich Gier, Quelle: Tourist-Info Lahnstein) Martinsschloss_Garten (Foto: RRT/Katharina Schattner, Quelle: Tourist-Info Lahnstein)
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