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Nordic-Walking Basaltstein-Runde | Bad Marienberg

The round of basalt stones, length 17.8 km, difficulty: medium. Starting point: From the forest car park at the Wildpark to the Sonnenweg in the direction of Unnau. After approx. 3 km you reach the Eisenkaute cycle path along the B414. Passing the Pfuhler Höhe, Nisterau-Pfuhl, follow the Hölzersteinweg (small geotope with mighty basalt blocks), cross the Nisterauer district Bach and pass the Pfaffenmal (legendary columnar basalt cone) into the nature reserve Bacher Ley (former quarry with mighty basalt stone wall). Now follow the dirt road in the direction of Bad Marienberg and cross the L 293/K60, past the youth hostel Westerwald, parking at the TV tower and Kirburger Straße to the Wilhelmshütte. A few metres away you will find the geotopes "Kleiner und Großer Wolfstein" - a picturesque accumulation of huge basalt boulders. From here you go directly back to the game park, where you have a direct connection to the basalt park with a geological circular hiking trail.

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Route 3 Basaltstein-Runde (Foto: WTS, Quelle: Tourist-Info Bad Marienberg)
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