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Planetarium & Sternwarte | Sessenbach

The domed building of the planetarium has a diameter of 5 metres and can accommodate 30 people. Inside, a digital projector projects a lifelike starry sky with over 2500 stars including the Milky Way and the 8 planets. Visitors can observe the course of the stars in the sky under the influence of the movement of our earth. The starry sky of the planetarium can be adjusted for any time and any place on earth. It is also possible to represent the starry sky with its mythological figures. The projector shows all projections like e.g. ecliptic, degree net, shooting stars, objects and much more...

Observatory Sessenbach, In der Hohl 1, 56237 Sessenbach, Tel.: (0049) 2601 3383, E-Mail:

You can reach us at:

Planetarium & Sternwarte
In der Hohl 1
56237 Sessenbach

Phone(0049) 2601 3383


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