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Wallfahrtskapelle Wirzenborn | Montabaur

To the parish of Montabaur belongs the pilgrimage church Wirzenborn. Their history is closely linked to the beginning of the pilgrimage more than 500 years ago.


In the beginning there stood a simple picture of Mary before the pilgrim. The place was given more attention by the image of grace. The picture shows the standing Madonna with the Jesus Child on the left arm and the scepter in the right hand.


As the number of pilgrims grew over time, the small chapel of the 15th century was no longer sufficient, so they decided to start the construction of today's larger church. It was consecrated in 1510.

You can reach us at:

56410 Montabaur-Wirzenborn

Phone(0049) 2602 997470


Wallfahrtskirche (Foto: Stadt Montabaur  , Quelle: Tourist-Information Montabaur) Wallfahrtskirche von innen (Foto: Stadt Montabaur, Quelle: Tourist-Information Montabaur)
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