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YOSO – Aromenküche by Sarah Henke | Andernach

Experience the kitchens of Asia.

YOSO comes from the Korean and describes the four basic elements of being. Each of the elements do have unique characters.

You can find the typical sharpness of the asian kitchen in the 'fire meals'. The element air stands for the vegetarian meals which are a huge part of the asian kitchen culture. Creations which main components have there origin in the sea can be choosed from the element water. Lastly the element earth offers dishes which are made of meat. The YOSO kitchen was developed by the star cook Sarah Henke born in South Korea who was awarded by the jury of the “culinary selection in 2013” as the “best cook of the year”.

You can reach us at:

YOSO – Aromenküche by Sarah Henke
Schafbachstraße 14
56626 Andernach

Phone(0049) 2632 4998643

YOSO Foods (Foto: moodley brand identity/Michael Königshofer, Quelle: Tourist-Info Andernach)
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