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Geführte Radtour durch den Hachenburger Westerwald | Hachenburg

Experience the most beautiful cycling routes and discover real insider tips in and around the Hachenburger Westerwald.

In the foreground is not the sporty character, but the communal driving experience and the panoramic driving.

Western Nister Round

E- and Bioradler round

Hachenburg - Alpenrod - Nistertal - Dreisbach - Hahn - large soaps - Langenbach - Hardter mill - Nistertal - basket - Hachenburg

Length: 35 km

Difficulty: medium

Altitude difference: 550 m

Participation fee: 3,00 Euro per person

Refreshments: Café Wilhelmsteg, Heuzert

Interested parties are requested to register at the Tourist-Information Hachenburger Westerwald until October 25, 2019. Dangers are on your own wheels. A rental of bicycles is not possible. Participants are requested to wear a bicycle helmet.

The number of participants is limited !!

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You can reach us at:

Tourist Information Hachenburger Westerwald
Perlengasse 2
57627 Hachenburg

phone(0049) 2662 958339


So13:00 Uhr
Radfahren im Hachenburger Westerwald (Foto: Dominik Ketz, Quelle: TI Hachenburg)
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