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Weihnachtsmärchen- Pettersson kriegt Weihnachtsbesuch | Oberfell

Pettersson gets a Christmas visit


Friday, 06. December 2019 in the Mosella Hall


It's the day before Christmas Eve. Finally it is not so bitterly cold outside anymore and Pettersson and Findus go out into the forest like every year to choose their Christmas tree. It happens: Pettersson sprains his foot! And it's so bad that he can't perform at all. - And nothing has yet been prepared for Christmas. - ow weia! - No stockfish in the house, no meatballs and no gingerbread. - Only a few potatoes and shriveled carrots are still there. - Findus thinks what a sad Christmas it will be. But when the neighbours hear of Pettersson's misfortune, they bake and cook, fill their baskets with the tastiest things and set off for Pettersson and Finuds. Even


a Christmas serenade is offered. So this Christmas, which seemed to be the saddest ever, will be the most beautiful and cheerful ever celebrated by Pettersson and Findus. The story of friendship and charity is told here in a sentimental but never kitschy way, so that it touches children and adults alike. With intense images, an imaginative yet easily understandable text, songs and touching music, it is easy for the audience to immerse themselves in the story and experience it up close. Supported of course by the high degree of identification, which is given by the two main characters. A theatre experience for young and old.


Tickets are available at the price of 6 € in the community of Oberfell. (For children with disabilities 3 €, accompanying persons with mark B free). Start 15.30 h Admission 15.15 h




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