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Festival of the "Roman Route" | Schweich

Wine-Fest of the Roman wine route


More than 25 years the 19 villages of the roman Wine route celebrate a fantastic Wine-Fest in the streets of Schweich on the first week-end of May. At the opening day you can enjoy the crowning ceremony of the Wine-Queen and listen to traditional and pop

ular music on two stages. Traditional food and a variety of more than 150 wines will invite you to join the popular Wine-Fest.

You can reach us at:

Tourist Information Römische Weinstrasse
Brückenstr. 46
54338 Schweich

phone(0049) 6502 9338 0


Fr+Sa17:00 Uhr
So11:00 Uhr
Bühne (Quelle: TI Römische Weinstraße) Weinstand (Quelle: TI Römische Weinstraße) Schweich (Quelle: TI Römische Weinstraße) Weinfest der Roemischen Weinstrasse (Quelle: TI Römische Weinstraße)
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