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2. Weinfestwochenende Boppard | Boppard

Between Heaven and Bopparder Hamm

A celebration is called for! Never were there so many excellent vintages as in the last 10 years. The warm climate in the Bopparder Hamm boosts the growth of the vines and also promotes an early harvest. The grapes are usually ripe and being harvested when the Wine Festival takes place, giving reason for celebration. The Boppard winegrowers delight in inviting locals and guests to join in the celebration and therefore the Wine Festival is one of the most important highlights of the year. There is a perfect combination of: the romantic setting in the market square, the various wine stands for wine-tasting, the music and entertainment and, last but not least, the spectacular fireworks displays on both Saturday evenings, which can be enjoyed from the Rhine promenade or from one of the many boats taking part. On two weekends the gates to Wine Heaven are opened and you are never so near to Wine Heaven as here in Boppard!

You can reach us at:

Tourist-Information Boppard
Marktplatz/Altes Rathaus
56154 Boppard

phone(0049)6742 3888




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