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Lange Frühstückstafel | Rennerod

Long breakfast table at the Stadthalle / Westerwaldhalle in Rennerod. Once again this year, there will be a social gathering on a long table for families, friends, neighborhoods, clubs and other groups or, of course, individuals. This time you meet at a long breakfast table at the Stadthalle. Tables & benches, fresh coffee and bread rolls are ready for guests. Bring along dishes and other things for the breakfast enjoyment from the guests. In bad weather, the "long breakfast table" in the interior of the city hall is addressed. Start: from 10:00 clock at the Stadthalle Rennerod. The participation is free, it is requested to register with the Tourist Information in Rennerod! Organizer: Kulturkreis Hoher Westerwald e.V.

You can reach us at:

Kulturkreis Hoher Westerwald e.V.
Hauptstr. 81
56477 Rennerod

phone(0049) 26644 9931821


So10:00 Uhr
Lange Frühstückstafel (Foto: pixabay, Quelle: Touristinfo Hoher Westerwald)
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