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Wildkräuterwanderung am Wiesensee | Stahlhofen am Wiesensee

Wild herb hike at Wiesensee




Find and discover delicacies along the way around the Wiesensee holiday and leisure area. On the three-hour wild herb hike, under the guidance of the herb wind specialists, you will discover and collect the wild herbs along the meadows and paths. Afterwards there is a joint tasting of homemade herb snacks or drinks in the kitchen of the Tourist Information Wäller Land am Wiesensee.

Costs: 12€ per person and per appointment

Dates: 04.05., 01.06., 06.07., 03.08., and 07.09., each at 14 o'clock

Duration: approx. 3 hours incl. preparation, approx. 4 km easy hiking trail

Meeting point: Tourist-Information Wäller Land am Wiesensee

                 Winner Ufer 9

                 56459 Stahlhofen am Wiesensee

Registration required under Tel.: 02663-291494 or

Intermediate appointments for groups are possible.




Please transfer the participation fee in advance to the account of the municipality of Westerburg IBAN:DE80 5735 1030 0002 0200 22

Please specify: Your name, date of the event and the AO No. 19185748

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You can reach us at:

Tourist Information Wäller Land
Winner Ufer 9
56457 Westerburg

phone0049 2663 / 291494







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Wildkräuterwanderung (Foto: Touristinformation Wällerland am Wiesensee-Tiwi, Quelle: Wällerland) Tourist Information WällerLand am Wiesensee (Foto: Tiwi, Quelle: Wällerland) Klaus dieter stahl (Foto: touristinfo Wällerland, Quelle: Wällerland) Käuterwiese (Foto: Touristinfo Wällerland, Quelle: Wällerland)
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