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56068 Koblenz

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- ABGESAGT - mehr Seen Erlebnis Westerwälder Seenplatte | Dreifelden

With the Herb Woman to the Meadow Queen

Always exciting, the realm of plants.

Whether among mystical, pleasurable or simply practical

Points of view. We look at everything we encounter and illuminate it with the eye of a herb woman.

Leadership: certified herbal pedagogue NUA Katharina Kindgen

Environmental Education Officer of the Nature Conservation Association Rhineland-Palatinate e.V.

Contribution towards expenses: 7.00 € per person, children and NABU members reduced.

Minimum number of participants 10 persons

Further information about the action, as well as costs and the registration receive you with the camping park Hofgut-Schönerlen2 , 56244 stones
Tel: 02666-207 or

Some actions are bookable for groups also outside of the dates!

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You can reach us at:

Campingpark Hofgut-Schönerlen
Hofgut-Schönerlen 2
56244 Steinen

phone(0049) 2666 207


Sa10:30–12:30 Uhr
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